Before you joined Spark English, what was your area of weakness in Spark English?

Fidele: I mostly had a problem in speaking and listening. I used to interact with people and fail to get any single word that they were talking about. In conversations, I would get lost in the middle. It caused me to lag behind.

Paul: I wanted to improve my general English skills. I have a background in English because I have lived abroad, but I wanted to go beyond that and explore other areas of English as well as using it in my daily work.

Claire: I wanted to improve my speaking and writing skills as I needed them a lot in my daily job as a consultant.

Did you have any doubts after joining Spark English?

Fidele: I hesitated about the method of teaching. My main problem was listening and speaking so I thought that it would be very hard for me to follow and ask questions in class since the teachers were both mother-tongue English and experts. I was wondering if it was possible for them to help me improve.

Paul: I had no hesitation because I had a general idea of their services. From the very first day I wrote them an email from their website, they explained every single detail and this follow-up showed me the image of services they provide.

Claire: I did not have any hesitation about the service it offers. This was because there was a mentor who guided me before I joined classes. I trusted that I would get more attention in my classes. Also, the teachers I met before joining talked about their experiences and teaching model so I was completely sure its services went beyond my expectations.

What is one unique experience that made you happy during your time with Spark English?

Fidele: I loved a lot the teaching style of Spark English, especially the way they group people according to their English level. It was so comfortable for me to speak within my small group, and the teacher gave us a lot of attention to make sure that every single person was included.

Paul: I loved the great teachers that Spark English has. The way they are diverse helps people to learn from each other’s uniqueness.

Claire: I loved the culture of reading, speaking and writing. As a consultant, it helped me be able to interact with my clients as well as being able to do research and reports writing. Spark English leaves with no option apart from speaking English. The classes are small and everybody shares their views and ideas. This made me share and learn too.

Would you recommend Spark English to other clients; If yes, why? And if not, why not?

Fidele: Definitely! The lessons are designed is in such a way that every single person feels they are learning according to their own level. Their teaching model is unique; I have never seen it anywhere else.

Paul: Yes, I would recommend Spark English to clients. This is because they have a very unique teaching style. The way they help people with the culture of reading, understanding, workshops and speaking, is very interesting.

Claire: Yes! I can and will recommend it to clients. Its quality is unique and the teaching style makes everyone awake even after work when people are tired. Social classes for Thursdays are my favorite classes - sharing and connecting allowed for self-growth.

If you were to recommend Spark English to another client, what would you say?

Fidele: Don’t worry. Don’t have any single problem because whatever level you are in, they find the best fit for you. The daily follow-up allows everyone to catch-up so easily.

Paul: Many schools which teach English lack qualified teachers. What I assure English learners is they have qualified teachers with experience in teaching. If you want to be familiar with any type of English, familiarize yourself with Spark English.

Claire: I wouldn’t recommend something that wouldn’t help. I would just tell clients that it requires half-half efforts: The school has designed an interesting curriculum for all levels, but students have to be self-motivated. Now, my colleagues always comment about my improvement in English. It’s a journey; it comes from making a sentence to a paragraph.

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