Spark Training focuses on continuous teacher development

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Spark English class

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Personalised coaching given by a highly-experienced teacher trainer

  • 1-1 coaching on specific aspects of pedagogical approach.
  • Shadowing sessions wherein the Head Teacher delivers the training
  • Feedback sessions with the coach providing feedback.
  • Co-delivery of teacher training sessions.


  • Group Teacher Training Workshops covering key linguistic/pedagogical areas.

Topics include

  • Vocabulary strategies
  • Fluency – facilitating speaking
  • Eliciting
  • Effective grammar teaching & use of meta-language
  • Group-work; pair-work & mixing up the interaction
  • ICQs (Instruction-Check Questions) and CCQs (Concept-Check Questions)
  • Differentiation in the EFL classroom
  • Teacher language as a constant model
  • Time & Classroom Management
  • Error-correction & Feedback

Other workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of the client. (Feel free to contact us for more information)

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Spark English is part of a Rwanda-based education group committed to helping Rwandans communicate effectively in English, empowering them to build a stronger future.