Exam Preparation

Need help preparing for an English language exam? Spark English will make sure that you are fully prepared for your upcoming test, with highly-focused exam preparation. You will practise all aspects of your particular exam in targeted modules as well as get tips of successful test taking, from a team of teachers who have vast experience in helping students just like you prepare for – and pass – their exams.

Spark English class

All of our courses are available online - call us now to see how we can help you improve your English via Zoom!

Exams covered

We prepare you for:

  • Cambridge Exams
  • GRE

We also offer study support for any other English language exam or test that you may need to take.

Modules covered

Listening Reading Writing Speaking Note-taking Test skills

Benefits for you

These are short courses designed to help you pass your exam: maximum 20 hours. Can be done individually or in small groups (maximum 6 people). Start each week. Support with registering for the exam. Complete mock tests to see where you are and where you need to improve.

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Phone: 0788 319 524, E-mail: info@sparkenglish.rw

Address: Westerwelle Startup Haus, KG 622 St, Kigali

Spark English is part of a Rwanda-based education group committed to helping Rwandans communicate effectively in English, empowering them to build a stronger future.