We offer Corporate English training for individuals and groups

Spark English for Business improves the Business English skills of Rwandan professionals like you.

Spark English for Business enables you as HR & Training managers to have a more highly-skilled workforce to give you a competitive advantage.

We know that specific Business English skills are often lacking in employees. In some cases there may also be a need for general English courses to raise employees’ overall level of English.

Spark English class

All of our courses are available online - call us now to see how we can help you improve your English via Zoom!

Courses would typically cover the following business skills areas

  • Giving Presentations

  • Ensuring Effective Communication

  • Report Writing

  • Negotiating

  • Writing emails

  • Meetings in English

  • Leadership & Management in English

as well as general English where necessary.

For high-level managers these topics could be covered with private, 1-1 coaching.

For middle-level managers/employees the training would be done in groups or in 1-2 day workshops.

Advantages for you

  • Personalize the length of course to suit your needs: From a highly-focused 10 hours to a more comprehensive, wide-ranging 60 hour course.
  • Tailor your course to match your needs exactly.
  • Accelerated learning; see the results quickly.
  • A blended homework component is available.
  • A highly experienced coach.

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Phone: 0788 319 524, E-mail: info@sparkenglish.rw

Address: Westerwelle Startup Haus, KG 622 St, Kigali

Spark English is part of a Rwanda-based education group committed to helping Rwandans communicate effectively in English, empowering them to build a stronger future.