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Test Preparation Course with Carnegie Mellon Africa

2020-03-10 16:11:00 by Brad Elliott

Well, it was a challenging few weeks, but a momentous achievement for our teaching team.

We have just concluded the training of 100 hopeful masters students in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon Africa, training them up to pass the GRE Quantitative, the GRE Verbal and the IELTS.

While we know our students learnt a lot, the teaching team at Spark also learnt a few things that it would be remiss to forget.

Our top learnings:

  1. The GRE and IELTS can be fun. We always knew this, of course, but presenting these exams in an entertaining way to such a large audience, who were under a lot of pressure to succeed, seemed far fetched. Happily, our students were ready for anything and we shared a lot of laughter along the way.

  2. The GRE Verbal is a fascinatingly difficult exam. The GRE Verbal was headed by our trainer Grace, who had endless strategies and patience to succeed at this part of the test. Nonetheless, the test is a real marathon. For instance, do you know the meaning of these words: bailiwick, pusillanimous, mercurial?

  3. It is possible to improve your IELTS score by 3 bands in 7 weeks. But it involves hard-work, dedication, and, probably, a very experienced tutor.

  4. Edmodo is a great little tool to manage learners. A bit like Facebook for learning, it really helped foster a feeling of community between students and teachers alike.

  5. Our teachers continue to be committed to every single student. Our students' successes are our successes; their failures, our failures. We gave everything we could to bring their success.

Our students have worked diligently over the duration of the course. It has been a very steep hill for them to climb, and we hope that they will ascend from the peak and are admitted to CMU. If we could grant them all admission to the university, based on their valiant efforts alone, then we would.

All the best!

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