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How to Ace the IELTS Speaking: Our Top 7 Tips

2020-01-03 16:02:00 by Brad Elliott

Taking the IELTS soon? Stressed about the speaking? Don't be.

  1. Relax and be yourself - The speaking exam is about as close to a real-life conversation as you can get in an exam. Just be yourself and let your English speak for itself.

  2. Remember there is no such thing as a correct answer - It is the way that you express your opinion, not the opinion itself that the examiner is interested in. They would rather hear "I'm not a big art fan", than to hear you struggle to talk about a piece of art you actually know nothing about.

  3. Walk in confidently - Walk into the room confidently, even if you are not. Walk in, smile, stand tall. It will help you feel better and make the examiner think you are a confident English speaker.

  4. Elaborate - Remember, it is a speaking exam, not a silence exam. The examiner will ask you "why" fairly often - try to answer that before they even ask.

  5. PPF - The PPF strategy is a great strategy for Part 2 of the speaking exam. Read more about it here.

  6. Remember that you can pause - Don't be afraid to pause if you need to collect your thoughts. It does not count against you.

  7. Enjoy! It sounds silly, but try to enjoy it. Think of the examiner as your friend - they want to see you shine, they don't want to see anyone do badly. Smile before you speak and see what difference it makes.

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