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About me

2017-10-12 08:14:48 by Brad Elliott

<p>I’m a 40 year-old man who has made English language teaching his career.  I have a life I love – and a little family I love even more.  Among other things I love writing.  I love teaching.  I love communication.  This blog is my way of marrying these three passions.</p> <p>I started teaching English as a foreign language when I was a callow 21 year-old as a way to travel the world and it’s succeeded in helping me do that.  I’ve spent time in the Czech Republic, China, Italy, Switzerland and now Rwanda across the past 19 years.  During that time this job has morphed from a means-to-an-end into a passion and vocation.  I’ve inadvertently become an expert in this field.</p> <p>I’ve always believed in education as the key to a better world. I believe it helps people make better choices. Education around communication and language – those tools that enable us to relate to each other in profound ways - has thus become my specialism. Wittgenstein said that the limits of my language are the limits of my world and I have consistently sought to extend these limits – both of myself and the other learners I have come into contact with.  It is a fabulous feeling when you see a language learner realize how much they’ve learnt.  It can happen suddenly, like when they catch themselves speaking English fluently without laborious and ineffectual recourse to translation.  </p> <p>By building my own business I hope to spread this feeling to both teachers and learners alike. The more people that can improve their English here, the more I truly believe that they will be able to get better jobs and contribute to the building of the country.  This is what I am committed to do.  Let’s see how it goes!</p>

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