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5 Weird and Wacky Ways to Boost Your English

2020-02-05 16:09:00 by Brad Elliott

Learning a language is difficult. We know it, you know it. And the internet is filled with ways to improve, but it gets a bit repetitive. So here are our top usual ways to improve your English. The good news: it's not impossible.

  1. Watch Netflix with this cool tool

Yes, yes. I know we said this would be an unusual list "and watch an English movie" is not very original. But this idea should be. Try out

The Language Learning with Netflix, or LLN for short, is an Google Chrome extension allowing you to learn new vocabulary and break down sentences while watching your favourite movies/series on Netflix. No more of that annoying pausing, rewinding frustration. Pretty cool, right?

  1. Focus on food

Do you dread reading in English? Do you have a novel in English that you've never even opened? Try this. This can be so easily done at home. Next time you take something out of the cupboard to cook with, take some time to look at any English on the packaging. It's a great way to learn ingredient names and also some fantastic words, because people are always ready to tell you why their product is the best! You can also do it in the supermarket (but you might look a little strange).

  1. Get a penpal

The word "penpal" might be new to you. Penpals are usually strangers whose relationship is based on their exchange of letters (or emails, it is the 21st century after all). It seems a little old-fashioned, but writing to somebody is one of the best ways to improve your written English. Check out to find someone to start talking to today. You can meet people from all over the world, and learn about a new culture at the same time. Just choose an English-speaking country that interests you and off you go!

  1. Do an exercise video on YouTube

Build your brain and your body. Pick a short exercise class (some are about 10 minutes long) and then follow along. You will learn some interesting new vocabulary (stretch, squat), and get a demonstration from the instructor to help you learn the new words. Plus, doing the action along with learning the word will really help you remember.

  1. Meet your new best friend on random video chats

Don't have anyone to practice speaking English with at home? Try out websites like CamSurf that let you meet new friends. You can practice your English with someone in a safe environment. For a local option, check out the Portal on top of Impact Hub in Kigali.

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