Please note that, in line with the government's recent announcements we are closing our client-facing activities until 31st May. We will be in touch with you after that date. Best regards and stay safe, the Spark English team.

Spark English puts students’ communication at the heart of everything we do

Leveraging over 20 years of educational and language instruction experience, Spark English is a pioneer in Africa for Flipped Blended Learning, which uses a mix of technology and face-to-face lessons to maximise student progress and ensures quality and quick results. Spark English also offers more traditional-based classes only with qualified, quality language teachers.

General English

Improve your overall English knowledge with Spark English, where the focus is on speaking, right from the first lesson.

Spark English offers courses of general English where you can really practise your language skills. The highly experienced teaching team have curricula that are designed to maximise your talking time in the lesson.

If you feel that you need personal attention, then the individual course program is for you. You will have a highly personalized course, with 1-1 attention from your teacher.

Exam Preparation

Need help preparing for an English language exam? Spark English will make sure that you are fully prepared for your upcoming test, with highly-focused exam preparation.

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Spark English is part of a Rwanda-based education group committed to helping Rwandans communicate effectively in English, empowering them to build a stronger future.